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web csoboth benceBence Csoboth - Head Chef
Bence is leading our kitchen team since almost our grand opening. His passion for cooking started in his Grandmother’s kitchen and kept developing every day since. He never settles with something that is considered fine and keeps looking for perfection, no matter if it’s an omelet or a premium ingredient for the dinner special. He says cooking is a way of self-expression. Being a chef is never a “one man show”, he knows the key to success is the great teamwork.


web torok adamÁdám Török - Co-founder of Bagira Coffee, Winner of Hungarian Barista Championship 2018
Adam started working with coffee fifteen years ago and is responsible for changing the coffee scene in Budapest by introducing specialty coffee to a broader audience. Adam is known for influencing people with his never-ending enthusiasm for coffee. He oversees every little step of making Bagira coffee, from the purchase and roasting of raw beans, to the training of our partners to ensure efficiency. If you can, try to catch him for a chat and he will help you discover an entire spectrum of aromas and flavors that you’d never noticed before.


web juhasz editEdit Juhász - Barista, Latte Art World Championship 3rd place
Edit fell in love with the world of coffee many years ago and quickly became quite skillful. With her strong artistic background, she realized her real passion for latte art and mastered it to perfection. She won the 3rd place in 2014 Latte Art World Championship in Melbourne.


web csapat



1074 Budapest,
Dob utca 25.

Contact: dob25@cirkuszbp.hu

Opening hours:
Every day 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM


Opening hours:
Every day 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

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